Atlantis Motherland



Certainty is a beautiful thing, and this book is

overflowing with it. All questions finally and

certainly answered.


Flying Eagle and Whispering Wind are very earnest. They say they expect to be believed. So, let’s take them at their work and look at their book, Atlantis Motherland, from that perspective. WOW!


OK. Having reviewed the book in one word (“Wow!”), maybe a little closer look is called for. That being the case, let’s not keep ourselves so much tied to the idea that the book is 100 percent true and accurate or, for that matter, is meant to be taken as such. After all a press release apparently prepared by the authors does describe the content as “a love story, science fiction, philosophy and solid scientific facts.”


The authors, who live in Upcountry Maui, claim to have discovered the answers to just about every question ever posed by the human mind. Like many before them, they say the truth (which has clearly set them free) begins with knowing all about Atlantis. For them, there is no mystery at all about the fabled lost continent. It was definitely and irrefutably located on the north shore of the Black Sea, laid out in a tight grid of canal, inhabited by…. Well, if I tell you all about it, I’ll steal from you the joy of one stunning revelation after another.


While solving all the mysteries of the human mind and human history, Mr. Eagle and Ms. Wind also answer endless questions that science believed it already knew the answers to. “Medical science,” the authors tell us, “is mystified by the coccyx (tailbone) at the lower end of the human spine. The coccyx is the evolutionary remnant of the combined tailbone of the primitive Xylanthian creature and the aquatic Earth creature.” And they have drawings to prove it.


At a point in what we humble humans think of as ancient prehistory, six advanced scientists came to Earth, “the Blue Planet.” We know these superhuman creatures by their Greek names –Hera, Poseidon, Hestia, Demeter, Zeus and Hades- but their Xylanthian names are used more often in Atlantis Motherland. They all start with the letter X, which makes sense, especially given the fact that all earth-creatures names begin with the letter E.


Maybe I am sounding mean or something. Don’t get me wrong. For whatever reasons, ranging from respect for the huge amount of work represented by the book to the fact that I actually enjoyed reading it, I am recommending Atlantis Motherland. If you are looking for answers, you may find some here. If you are looking for an outlandish fantasy journey, you will definitely find that here.


Hawai’i plays a roll in the history proposed by Atlantis Motherland and in the future envisioned. The “lizard clan” of Hawai’i- a deduction from the petroglyphs and legends of the mo’o or dragon-like lizard goddesses of old- shares its importance at this time in human evolution with the power unleashed when a space shuttle was christened “Atlantis.”


Stop me. Really.


I had a great time reading Atlantis Motherland and sat for hours staring at the illustrations, especially the art work by Ernest Nelson. If you’re looking for the ultimate truth or an off-the wall diversion or both, read Atlantis Motherland.


Atlantis  Motherland

By Flying Eagle and

Whispering Wind

Cosmic Vortex,

Pukalani, 2003

168 pages

ISBN 0-9719580-0-9

  4 out 5 Shakas




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