FLYING EAGLE, WHISPERING WIND, Cosmic Vortex, Pukalani, Maui, HI, hardcover, (168p)

ISBN: 0-9719580-0-9



The lost city of Atlantis has been a subject of emotions ranging from fascination to obsession for a long time, but not any more. Here comes the answer to the long-awaited question of human history. The book is a historical journey that takes the reader on a roller coaster ride, ranging from the submerged archaeological sites to human consciousness, from the depths of the Black Sea to the plateaus of the American hinterland. A fascinating read that is bound to keep the reader glued to the book until the last page.


The book addresses forgotten instincts that at one point of time enabled the human race to evolve from a Neanderthal tribe to a thriving race on Earth. What was responsible for all these advances? How was all this made possible? The book gives a ready answer to all these questions.


Combining scientific disciplines with traditional psychoanalysis and modern cutting-edge technology, the authors have been able to decipher the age-old mystery about the location of Atlantis. The quest for the city is important because it holds the answer to crucial questions such as what is life and where does it come from? By combining philosophical, physical, historical, and biological perspectives, the book challenges religious dogmas and social practices that are detrimental to achieving contentment in human life. The book maintains that a return to our past culture would enable us to recreate a better world based on principle of peace and happiness. "Atlantis Motherland" has the potential to awaken our hidden powers and motivate us to find our true destiny.


This is a work of mystery, quest, romance, adventure, and history - all rolled into one, with a liberal dash of science fiction. It is a true panacea for universal peace and love and a solution for human woes.


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