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The Island of Atlantis ;

was located in southern Russia and Ukraine, and sank beneath the Sea of Azov.

When beginning to search for the Island of Atlantis , it's natural to envision a typical island surrounded by an open sea. However, the Atlantis Motherland book reveals that the Atlantis Dialogues, recorded by Plato, explain that the Island of Atlantis was not surrounded by water, but instead was surrounded by a "boundless continent."


The Atlantis Motherland book explains that the sacred records of Atlantis were preserved, by the Egyptians, for thousands of years. Fortunately, the records of Atlantis were also preserved by a famous Greek sage named Solon, who traveled to Egypt, about 600 BC, and met an aged Egyptian priest, named Sonchis. The Egyptian priest revealed the true history of Atlantis, Hellas and Attica, to Solon.


Atlantis Canal system


The Egyptian priest told Solon the entire epic history of the ancient allies, who turned into adversaries, beginning by revealing that the Island of Atlantis was actually artificially created the primal Atlantians. They utilized the natural features of the land, and excavated an "incredible ditch," around a vast fertile plain, thus creating the Island of Atlantis.


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Kerch & Sea of Azov

The City of Atlantis was located in Kerch, Ukraine.

The Atlantis Motherland book recounts the epic saga of Atlantis following the dramatic course of its long history, until the mighty empire of Atlantis was destroyed by the forces of nature. A massive earthquake caused the entire island to sink. Then a massive flood inundated the vast farmlands of Atlantis, which are now buried under 11,600 years of accumulated alluvial silt, beneath the Sea of Azov, which is located on the border between southern Russia and Ukraine.


The Atlantis Motherland book reveals the location of the new sea into which Atlantis sank, as the Sea of Azov, which is located north of the Black Sea. The Island of Atlantis now lies, for the most part, beneath the Sea of Azov. The ancient island also incorporated portions of the fertile plain to the west, of the Sea of Azov, in southern Ukraine, and to the east, of the Sea of Azov, in Krasnodar Kray, Russia; part of these regions are presently above the sea. Fabulous ancient treasures of Atlantis are frequently found all around the Sea of Azov. Unfortunately, these treasures are usually sold on the thriving Black Market in ancient artifacts, without anyone realizing their true antiquity.


The City of Atlantis, located near the southern shore, was destroyed by the earthquake, but it did not sink. The city of Kerch, Crimea, Ukraine now stands on the exact spot where the mighty City of Atlantis once stood. A hill by the side of the sea, called Mithridat Hill, rises up in the exact center of the ancient Metropolis of Atlantis.


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The Island of Atlantis sank; but not very far!

The Sea of Azov is the shallowest sea in the world.


The Atlantis Motherland book reveals the geological evidence of the devastating earthquake, which caused the Island of Atlantis to sink. Most Earthquakes are measured in fractions of inches, however the devastating Atlantis earthquake caused the vast farmlands to suddenly sink 8 to 10 meters! This earthquake was the single most destructive natural disaster in Human history!


The tragic destruction of Atlantis created the Sea of Azov, which is the shallowest sea in the world, with a current maximum depth of only 13 meters. The Atlantis Motherland book reveals that the Sea of Azov area conforms in every detail to the description recorded in the records of Atlantis.


The slip faults and tectonic sink of the Sea of Azov are well documented.  

The Sea of Azov is surrounded by a boundless continent.

It faces south toward a great sea.

It is connected to this southern sea by a paleo-channel.

The channel was impassable by shoals of mud in Solon's time.

The remnant of the fertile plain still contains one of the most remarkable canal systems in the world.

Precipitous cliffs line the southern shore of Kerch and Taman peninsulas.

Southern Ukraine is still a major metallurgical center.

Southern Ukraine is still a major agricultural center, known as the "breadbasket of Europe" for centuries.

World famous hot and cold mineral springs, and volcanic mud baths, attract thousands of tourists each year.

Red, black and white stones are still quarried, and shipped around the world.

Miles of tunnels still exist beneath the area of the ancient metropolis.

... many more substantiating proofs are recorded in the Atlantis Motherland book.



The Atlantis Motherland book vividly illustrates the great earthquakes and floods which destroyed Atlantis, and the massive tidal waves that were generated in the Black Sea. These tidal waves devastated the lands around the Black Sea. The giant tsunami waves deposited a large portion of the ruins of the city in the southern Sea of Azov, north of the Kerch and Taman peninsulas. Giant mysterious limestone blocks still frequently come rising up from the remaining farmlands, and are re-used by modern farmers for the foundation stones of their farmhouses and barns. They have no idea that the stones they are using today, actually came from the magnificent temples of ancient Atlantis!




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