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Welcome! We invite you to join an adventure into solving the mysteries of our ancient pre-history. In recent years there has been a flood of research, information and entertainment based on the ancient legend of Atlantis. The race to find Atlantis has been a marathon, extending for more than two millennia of time. Many generations of scholars, scientists, researchers, psychics, treasure-seekers, spiritualists and fortune-hunters have searched ancient records, launched expeditions, created books, songs, poems, movies and TV shows and held international conferences, in a quest to discover the true location of these lost empires. Currently, modern Atlantologists are incorporating the latest modern scientific techniques and technologies into the search for our ancient origins.

We, Flying Eagle and Whispering Wind, have traveled together for thirty years, on an adventurous quest to find the true Motherland of our tribe and our species; and to discover our heritage, the history of our beloved ancestors and the illusive “divine portion” in the nature of Humankind. We invite you to share this adventure with us.



Introduction to the Atlantis Motherland Project:


We began our adventure utilizing non-traditional scientific studies; by comparing ancient American Indian legends and deciphering American Indian petroglyphs and talking stones. We also incorporated more esoteric meta-sciences; psycho-genetic memory access, IAMU transference, Harmonic Resonation… etc. These studies revealed the location of Atlantis. We joyfully announced the true location of Atlantis, in 2003, in our book, Atlantis Motherland. Presented here, for your careful consideration and pleasurable pondering, is the scenario of the history of Atlantis, as revealed by our research;


The Citadel of Atlantis was located on Mithridat Hill.


The City of Atlantis was located at Kerch, Crimea, Ukraine.


The Island Of Atlantis was located beneath the Sea of Azov and on the adjacent fertile plain.


The Empire of Atlantis was located on diverse islands and other areas in and around the Black Sea.




ATLANTIS by Plato, Quick-start guide:


The next step was to correlate our discoveries with the most complete known record of Atlantis, which is recorded in the books of Critias and Timaeus, in The Dialogues of Plato. We have edited these ancient classics by adding easy reference notes, headings, clickable table of contents, a few classic paintings and commentary. We hope you will find this quick-start guide to Plato’s dialogues, regarding Atlantis, a convenience for your studies. 


View, copy or print;  Critias and portions of Timaeus,  Quick-start guide, for easy reference.


The original dialogues may be downloaded from many sources on the internet including:  Project Gutenberg;

You may view or download; Critias and Timaeus; by Plato; translation by Benjamin Jowett.




The Empire of Atlantis and the Empire of the Hellenes;

and the fascinating riddle of our ancient prehistory


Portions of Timaeus and the existing portion of Critias, by Plato, describe the mighty ancient Empire of Atlantis and the honorable Empire of the Hellenes; this ancient epic saga presents us with a fascinating riddle of our ancient prehistory; and also presents a philosophical portrait of the dual-nature of Humankind.


Primal Atlantis was truly a paradise on earth; an abundant fertile garden where a visiting god and a primitive Earthborn maiden gave birth to a new species; Humans. In the beginning these three species lived in harmony; together they created the magnificent Empire of Atlantis, guided by a spirit of love and respect for each other’s differences; which an aged Egyptian priest called the “divine portion” in the nature of Humankind. 


However, as the culture of Atlantis evolved this “divine portion” began to fade, and Atlantis became an elaborate sophisticated aristocracy; obsessed with the accumulation of wealth. Political control was maintained by the power of military dominance. Athene, a first generation offspring of the gods, recognized a growing ill spirit of prejudice and greed. Athene and a small band of like-minded freedom-seekers left Atlantis and formed a new nation; the ancient Empire of the Hellenes. They maintained the “divine portion” and followed the laws that were originally inscribed on the orichalcum pillars of Atlantis. They are our ancestral environmentalists; they lived in harmony with the land and shared all that they had equally. They cared nothing for possessions or ornaments of gold and silver; and were protected and guided by divine beings, which lovingly tended to the needs of the populous; as shepherds care for their flocks.


The Empire of Atlantis and the Empire of the Hellenes prospered and grew for many generations. When the burgeoning Empire of Atlantis sought to subjugate the Hellenes, war began. The honorable descendants of Athene fought valiantly to defeat the tyranny of the kings of Atlantis. They freed all the provinces of Atlantis and were marching on the mighty City of Atlantis … then suddenly all the actors in this epic drama were swept into oblivion by the power of nature.



Where were these ancient Empires located?


Dear fellow adventurous seeker into the mysteries of our pre-history, let's take a journey back through the mists of time, to unravel the riddles and find the truth which was recorded in the sacred registers of ancient Egypt. Let’s begin in Egypt, about 590 BC. According to the dialogues, Solon, renowned as the wisest of the Seven Sages and the Law-giver of Athens, traveled to Egypt where he questioned an aged priest about the history of Greece. This aged Egyptian priest, named Sonchis according to Plutarch, welcomed Solon to study the ancient sacred registers.  Solon marveled at the magnificent history of a great war and the triumph of his brave and honorable ancestors; the Hellenes. He also learned of the sudden catastrophic destruction of both of these mighty ancient nations. The aged priest was pleased to reveal the details of this epic saga to his eager student, Solon. The aged Egyptian priest described the route to where the Island of Atlantis once existed…



How do you get to Atlantis?



Sonchis explained to Solon, that the Island of Atlantis was not an island in the open sea. The Island of Atlantis was artificially created by digging an incredible ditch, around the whole of a fertile plain, north of the true sea. A massive earthquake caused the island to sink, creating a new sea; the Sea of Azov.


The description, given to Solon by the aged Priest, of the route to Atlantis, matches exactly the Dardanelles (narrow entrance), then you sail through the Sea of Marmara (a small sea, harbor), then into the Black Sea (true sea), and then on to Atlantis, which is located opposite the Bosporus (Pillars of Heracles), on the boundless continent, which surrounds the Black Sea (true sea). However, in the time of Solon, you could not sail into the Sea of Azov (the sea where the island had sunk), because passage was blocked by shoals of mud.



        Route to Atlantis, 590 BC




Now, let’s get an overview of how the forces of Nature destroyed the mighty empires of Atlantis and Attica , 11,600 years ago;

the aged Egyptian priest presented a vivid description of one terrible day and night of misfortune



One Terrible Day and Night of Misfortune;

The extraordinary inundation of Atlantis and Attica

By Flying Eagle & Whispering Wind

May, 2003


The Dialogues of Plato, Critias and Timaeus, describe the destruction of two ancinet empires. The Empire of Atlantis was destroyed by an earthquake and flood, “during one terrible day and night of misfortune.” The honorable empire of the Hellenes was simultaneously destroyed by earthquakes and an “extraordinary inundation”;


One beautiful morning, in 9,600 BC, a massive impulse rupture earthquake hit Kerch, Crimea, Ukraine; initiating an unparalleled Human catastrophe. The Caspian Sea, filled with glacial ice melt, flooded into the Black Sea. The earthquake caused the Sea of Azov to sink. Tidal waves and flood waters inundated the island. The subterranean outflow channel from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea burst up through the earth creating gigantic geysers, which inundated Attica.


This was truly a mega-flood of biblical proportions! It destroyed the bulk of Human civilization. Just one day before, the mighty Empire of Atlantis and the honorable Empire of the Hellenes were thriving metropolises; where people were laughing, crying, being born and dieing, waging war and praying for peace; they were all suddenly silenced…..

The Great Atlantis Flood, read full article




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